Hand Knotted rugs are made on an specially designed loom and are knotted by hand. ​
The making of hand knotted rugs is an exceptionally old workmanship that merits a ton of profound respect! The loom's extent relies on upon the rug size and the weaving is done from the bottom to the top.  The rug weaver inserts the “knots” into the foundation of the rug and they are tied by hand, this makes up the “pile” of the rug. This is an extremely repetitive and tedious process requiring lot of skill and patience. 

The piles of hand-tufted rugs are constructed by injecting a "U" shaped loop of yarn loaded onto a tufting gun through the back of a canvas backing to form the pile (instead of tying an actual knot around warp and weft fibers). Tufted rugs differ because tufted rugs are sheared or cut to look more like carpet. The height of the pile is determined during the making of the rug.
Hand-tufted rugs are affordable alternatives to authentic hand-knotted rugs. The pile side of hand-tufted carpets often looks and feels just like that of a true hand-knotted rug. The quick tufting system empowers the producer to create these rug's more rapidly and with less work, empowering quicker conveyance to the business sector. It is hence that hand-tufted floor coverings can without much of a stretch expense 10 times not as much as a hand-tied Oriental carpet of precisely the same.



We believe that to keep up with the market demand we have to be on the toe everytime. The thrill lies in creating new and unique products at all the time. Advocating our belief we are having a wide array of collection of Hand Made carpets.

But to simplify it we classify it on the basis of its weaving technique as -

1. Hand Knotted Carpets

2. Hand Tufted Carpets